Water Retention - The Real Natural Diuretic Solution

Water retention affects 10 million people in the UK. Stress, high blood sodium levels, and even exercise can bring about bloating. The result is weight gain and discomfort. Both of which can be crushing for sufferers self-confidence.

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Fast Acting Water Retention Relief

As the UK’s leading natural diuretic, H2Out eliminates excess water from the body safely and easily.

Ideal for rapid reduction of swelling in the abdomen, waist and hips, H2Out supplement ingredients include natural diuretic agents.

  • H2Out encourages enhanced natural kidney function

  • Harmful toxins are eliminated with retained water

  • H2Out is the only diuretic supplement which detoxifies the body and aids overall digestion.

Water Retention Causes & Symptoms

Water retention is referred to by the medical community as ‘Oedema.’ Often, symptoms will manifest in the form of intermittent swelling of the lower legs and ankles.

Other symptoms of Oedema can include:

  • Weight Gain

  • Muscle Aches & Cramps

  • Stiffness of Extremities

  • Skin Discolouration

  • Chronic Fatigue

Contrary to popular belief, even perfectly healthy people suffer Oedema. This is because water retention is never a byproduct of excess body fat. Instead, Oedema is often caused by hormonal imbalances and circulation problems.

Is H2Out a Weight Loss Supplement?

As a dietary supplement, H2Out focuses on stimulating the kidneys and lymphatic system. These are the chief regulators of fluid in the body. As such, H2Out isn’t an over-the-counter fat burner.

What H2Out can do, is help users reach weight loss goals, by significantly reducing swelling and water weight.

How it Works

Whether caused by stress or sedentary lifestyles, water retention represents a failure of the body to circulate fluid and flush out toxins properly. H2Out kick-starts this process.

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Caffeine extracted from green coffee beans and dioecious nettle extracts, turbocharge the renal system. The kidneys subsequently secrete excess fluid as urine. Then several other supplement ingredients take over.

Natural Fennel oil aids the bladder and regular urine excretion

Extract of Chestnut alleviates heaviness in extremities caused by poor vascular health

Bamboo fibre, Chestnut seed extract, and green coffee bean extract stimulate healthier digestion and kick-start the body’s metabolism

Long-Lasting Weight Loss Results

When taken as a daily dietary supplement, H2Out prevents the body from storing water as weight. This reduces inflammation and gives water retention sufferers long-lasting relief. At the same time, though, water retention sufferers should also seek to eliminate Oedema causing foods and poor lifestyle habits.

Directions & Precautions

H2Out uses 100% natural ingredients. These include:

Extract of green coffee bean
Extract of dioecious nettle leaf
Bamboo fiber
Extract of chestnut seed
Fennel essential oil

H2Out supplement capsules should only be taken by healthy, non-pregnant adults. Two tablets are recommended to be taken per day in the early morning and afternoon, and always after eating.

Supplement courses can be repeated every 3-months. However, H2Out is not intended for use by children or those pregnant or breast feeding.

Water Retention Can be Cured!

Using a natural diuretic is the safest and easiest way to banish excess water weight for good.

Do you suffer from excess water weight? If so, Start detoxifying and shedding excess water pounds now, by buying 40-80 H2Out capsules exclusively at Amazon.co.uk.

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Real Life Testimonials:

Peter Eales, Lanark

I was diagnosed with Oedema in 2011. My GP and I agreed that swelling below my knees is likely a result of me driving all day. To date, H2Out is the only natural water retention supplement which has provided me with real relief. I still experience swelling from time to time, but nowhere near to the extent I did a few years ago.

Vicky Armstrong, Chester

Since giving birth, I’ve been prescribed medication after medication to relieve water retention. Nothing worked. At least not without also causing extreme side effects. I tried H2Out in July last year and my life has been transformed. No more swollen ankles, no more aching. I simply feel more like me finally.

Lisa Wheelhouse, Stanhope

I’m a hundred pounds overweight. However, I used to be much bigger. I didn’t expect H2Out to work as a fat burner. However, a month after starting taking the supplement I felt lighter, healthier, and more full of energy. This has helped give me the final push I needed to really start exercising more and battling the bulge head on.